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       Friday, October 24, 2014

The Centre for Topographic Information of Natural Resources Canada is responsible for the acquisition, management and dissemination of topographic maps. The Centre produces topographic maps at scales of 1/50 000 and 1/250 000.  Canadian topographic maps can be ordered through their website.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has a page related to highway maps that provides basic information as well as links to other key sites. 

ISC is continually evolving their map resources and currently sell survey plans and compiled maps. Survey plans show the location and dimensions of subdivided areas. Compiled maps show adjoining survey plans and exist for most urban municipalities in Saskatchewan.

Information Services Corporation (ISC) can assist in determining information regarding current and past ownership of land.

If you are interested in getting information about land ownership within a Rural Municipality (RM), many RM offices will have RM maps available to be purchased.  To contact an RM office, checkout our municipal directory.  

The Centre for Topographic Information of Natural Resources Canada is responsible for the dissemination of Canadian topographic information.

The Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sports has maps of Provincial Parks.

The Ministry of Health has maps showing Regional Health Authorities.

Saskatchewan road conditions, construction locations and ferry schedules.

Includes a crown land map viewer, soil type maps and various other maps related to agriculture.

Provides satellite imagery of Saskatchewan.

Provincial maps identifying construction, shortline rail, heavy haul on primary and secondary roads for trucking companies, road classifications, airports and numerous others items.

Interactive maps and information for Saskatchewan communities that includes community profiles and community and regional statistics. 

Here you can find interactive maps that provide municipal information in map and tabular form on population, expenditures, revenues, grants, assessment values, reserves, debt and uncollected revenues.

Tourism Saskatchewan has an interactive map of Saskatchewan.

Maps of Saskatchewan rural municipalities.

An interactive map for property assessment information in any municipality where assessment services are provided by SAMA.

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