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     Thursday, October 30, 2014

Types of Municipalities

Saskatchewan currently has 782 urban, rural and northern municipalities. For listings, see the Municipal Directory.

In southern Saskatchewan there are 758 incorporated municipalities:

  • 462 are urban municipalities. These include:
  • 16 cities;
  • 146 towns;
  • 260 villages; and
  • 40 resort villages.
  • 296 are rural municipalities

In northern Saskatchewan, there are 24 incorporated municipalities:

  • 2 northern towns;
  • 11 northern villages; and
  • 11 northern hamlets.

Unincorporated areas of Southern Saskatchewan include hamlets and organized hamlets within rural municipalities. Hamlets exist where they meet the definition of a ‘hamlet' in The Municipalities Act.  There are 149 Organized Hamlets established by Minister's Order.  

Unincorporated areas of northern Saskatchewan are part of the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District (NSAD) and are administered by the Northern Municipal Services branch. There are 11 northern settlements within the NSAD.

Northern Municipal Services 
Telephone Number: (306) 425-4320
Toll Free: (800) 663-1555
FAX:  (306) 425-2401
Mailing Address:
Box 5000, La Ronge, SK, Canada, S0J 1L0

In Saskatchewan, cities, towns, villages and resort villages are all defined as urban municipalities.  Access this page for more information about urban municipalities.

A rural municipality is created by a ministerial order that describes the municipal boundaries and divisions therein. For more information about rural municipalities, view this page.

Northern municipalities are located in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District. For more information, checkout this page.

If you are looking for a list of organized hamlets, see this page.

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