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     Thursday, October 23, 2014

From time to time, municipalities in Saskatchewan may choose to make changes to their structure or boundaries. These changes are referred to as municipal restructuring.  In Saskatchewan, the provincial government has clearly pursued a policy based solely on voluntary municipal restructuring. 

Voluntary municipal restructuring can take several forms.  The options available include a variety of status and boundary adjustments. The types of municipal restructuring are:

  • Incorporation: the creation of new municipalities;
  • Annexation: the addition of territory from one municipality to another;
  • Merger: the merging of multiple municipalities, or portions of municipalities, into one municipality; and
  • Inclusion: the dissolution of one municipality in another municipality.

The Municipalities Act also contains provisions to:

  • establish Organized Hamlets;
  • alter Organized Hamlet boundaries; or
  • revert Organized Hamlets to Hamlets. 

For more information on Organized Hamlets, please the A Guide to Organized Hamlets below.

Additionally, information is available should a municipality or organized hamlet may wish to undertake a name change.

The council of a rural municipality also has the option to alter the electoral divisions of their municipality if they so choose.

Information on each of the different types of municipal restructuring is available from the list below.

Council may wish to restructure its division boundaries, for procedures checkout this page. 

Annexation is the process of altering municipal boundaries to add territory from one municipality to another.  View this page for procedures and links.

Are you looking for information on establishing an organized hamlet, checkout this page.

Inclusion is the process of transitioning the administration of a community from an urban council to the council of the surrounding rural municipality. This process was formerly known as dissolution. For more information checkout this page.

Incorporation is the process of establishing a new village or resort village from an existing organized hamlet, see this page for more information about the legislation and process.

A merger is the restructuring of the whole or any part of a municipality with another municipality. See this page for more information and procedures regarding mergers.

For more information regarding the procedures to change the name of a municipality or organized hamlet, visit this page. 

Here you can find some procedures regarding altering an organized hamlet's boundaries. 

Reversion is the process of changing the status of an organized hamlet to that of a hamlet, for more information visit this page.

The Municipalities Act includes provisions for a village or resort village to become a town and a town to become a village or resort village, see this page for more information.

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